Writing a Book – The Next Step


Welcome back to my journey writing a book. I hope you got a few great tips from my last post talking about the first steps in writing a book proposal. Isn’t it an interesting journey?

I finished my first step in my homework with Sara, writing my About This Book. 

It started as a detailed depiction of what it is like to walk around Paris and feel the complete sensory experience that France offers. This led to what I was going to write, which was about the 5 senses in your business and life. Here’s a small chunk for you to see where I was going with it (edited by Sara):

“The sounds of water splashing from a fountain in the Palais Royale and the “tu” and “ooo” spoken aloud between friends sitting nearby on a bench. 

The sight of perfectly manicured trees lining the Haussmann buildings and the sparkle of La Tour Eiffel at night.

The smell of blooming pink roses and fresh-cut grass or the waft of Guerlain “Champs” from a woman who just walked by. 

The buttery taste of a warm, flaky croissant. 

The cool, soft touch of a silk scarf wrapped around your neck. 

These are the joys of Paris through all one’s senses—the real-life, tangible joys one may not truly be able to describe in a postcard or visualize in an Instagram Story. 

But wouldn’t it be parfait if you could experience the intoxicating sensations of Paris, in your life or in your business, anywhere in the world? 

What about if I threw in an extra sixth sense? No, not dead people. Rather the sense of something far more seducing and profound: that of pleasure. “

So there you have it, a little sample of where I started with this book. But what was really cool, was a line I wrote towards the end (not shown above), that Sara really zeroed in on and brought to life as an interesting direction for my book. As soon as she highlighted it, I felt an instant connection to writing in that way, creating a book or “rule” book of sorts that I believe create the business and life you truly want. 

This creative process has already taught me so much. The drafts, rewrites, pivots that have happened in just the first small steps, are shedding light on what to expect in this whole journey. They have already changed my perception on the time this will take, the dedication and the journey I will have to go down to create this. 

Moral of this blog post…if you want to write a book, make sure it’s because it’s a story you NEED to tell and not for the money. Be prepared to dive deeper and deeper into yourself and the process. And give it lots of time. 

So time to re-write this About This Book from this new perspective and continue in this creative process. More to come soon. 

Xx Danielle

with love,

Danielle Barich

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