Writing a Book – Receiving Feedback


Welcome back to my journey in writing my book. So far I’ve learned about what the F a proposal is, wrote my About this Book, and then pivoted already in a new direction and now I have written About this Book 2.0…and it didn’t work out. 

Not going to lie, when I saw Sara’s notes and the IMMENSE amount of critiques, I felt so discouraged. Not upset or stubborn, just, “who the f*** do I think I am to write a book”. I really thought this new version was so good and it clearly was not. Here are some of the critiques so you can prepare your ego for some good honest feedback. (I honestly now agree with all of them!)

“This feels like a trope; a bit cliché. As you haven’t really mentioned those original rules yet, we are not sure why we’re creating a new one. We kind of need to see the original to understand the change and why it’s necessary.”

“what does a “feminine business” constitute?”

“Such as?”

“This feels out of place and surprising as you don’t yet go into any of the sensuality components of your business.”

But, that being said, I am so grateful for Sara and her knowledge. I would so much rather hear this criticism and be guided to my best potential at this stage then have agents reject it like this after all that work and when it truly counts. This is why I recommend hiring a book consultant if you are really serious about this process. We all think we are amazing, but it’s so important to have an impartial person give you the hard, honest truth and help you grow to the writer you truly want to be. 

So swallowing my fear and pride, I am not letting this get me down. I am taking this as a learning lesson and as an opportunity to truly grow, make mistakes and be prepared for a million rewrites. 

I truly want this book to be great, I want the people who read it to actually enjoy it and learn from it, so I am prepared to go through the entire process (goods and bads) to get this book and to get myself where we both need to be. 

Lessons here: 

  • Focus on the purpose and let the journey take you along for the ride. 
  • Don’t take things personally
  • Take every criticism as an investment in your growth and potential
  • Hire people who will be your mirrors and who are invested in raising you to your highest self and work. 

So, where am I going from here. I decided my brain needs to work backwards a bit. Starting with creating more notes of what I want to say in the book and then stepping back and seeing how it all flows together, finding the patterns and overall message. Filtering some pieces out and then seeing what the hell I just wrote “about”. Let’s see how this goes!

with love,

Danielle Barich

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