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Ditching Plan B for Paris.

I was honoured when Lindsay asked me to be a guest on her podcast The Very Vulnerable Podcast back in June 2020.

She asked me to walk her through building a business and brand through the 5 senses. I walked her through the ways that explore the world the way the French do. In France, where I live, life is designed for a complete sensory experience. The culinary, fragrance and fashion capital of the world, not to mention known for its beauty and intoxicating language. The french are all about pleasure and do that through all 5 senses.

I walked her through how to take inspiration from the French and bring it into your life and business.

We also talked about the “new way” to work from your feminine energy and from a place of play and pleasure. Moving from the hustle and hamster wheel to running a business that fuels your life and not runs it.

I loved being a guest with Lindsey and am so grateful when I get asked to share about my journey.

You can listen to our full, juicy, pleasure-filled chat here!

Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!



with love,

Danielle Barich

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