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Every brand should begin with a sensory exploration into who they are and how these elements can create stronger connections with consumers. 

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A la carte creative projects

A la carte sensory projects

The Sensory Strategy Package offers brands an in-depth strategy to elevate their brand through sensory identity, integration and experiences. In a world where consumers are exposed to an overwhelming number of brands offering many of the same offers, it is crucial for brands to integrate sensory elements into their consumer experiences, as science has shown that sensory stimulation in all five areas increases emotional connection, brand recognition and brand loyalty. 

Sensory STrategy


a la carte creative projects

a la carte sensory projects

Our Sensory Projects offers brands project management and creative direction on a variety of projects to help implement and execute our sensory strategy. 
These services include but are not limited to: Product launches, Influencer events, In-store events, Pop-ups, Brand Redesign, Packaging Strategy, Fragrance Design, Photo & Video Shoot Production, Product & Experience Design etc.

Sensory strategy


a la carte creative projects


a la carte sensory projects

We work with a variety of brands in Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, Food & Beverage and Tech on a range of creative projects such as experiential marketing strategy, social media strategy, event design and more. 


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