An audio journal featuring entrepreneurs, artists, creatives, storytellers and rulebreakers who one day decided to bare it all, boldly trust themselves and paint the world as a whole new canvas. Danielle and guests strip away all the noise to reach the raw, beautiful, vulnerable core that is creativity/life and inspire you with stories, education and connections that leave you feeling completely in the nue.

In the nue

{ Nue  } French/ pronounced “new”

nude / nake


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I believe in reconnecting with an “Old world but with a modern vision”. Bringing heritage and nostalgia into our lives in the way we slow down, connect to ourselves, connect to food, our bodies, femininity and life in general, while continuing to pave the way for a better world of inclusivity, diversity, equality and harmony. 

I am a lover of deep stories, and looking to the past as a way to guide our future. A year ago I set off on my own journey of inner exploration and found not only my alignment, purpose and business, but also the resurrection of my femininity and sensuality and a life that I only believed could exist in my dreams.

I live in a state of joy, self-development, love, passion and community and want nothing more than to help being all of this into your life with you. 

Enchanté, it is so nice to meet you! My name is Danielle and simply put, I am a woman who one day decided to go after everything she wanted in life and found even more along the way.

I am also a Feminine Business Coach living in Paris, France fulfilling my purpose of helping womxn create more feminine, sensual, happy lives by being unapologetically themselves in business. 

I believe that there is a better way for womxn to be changing the world. A way in which we can be enjoying life while achieving our goals. Taking rest, while making millions. Being our feminine selves while being the boss. I believe the days of burnout and “doing it all” need to come to a strong halt and be replaced with a fluid pace. 

Owner, Coach, Creator, Lingerie Designer, Storyteller, Rule Breaker

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