Spanning over 10 years in the luxury event space, Danielle has perfected a unique discernment for sensory experiences and their intrinsic necessity to each brand story.

In 2019 she launched her own boutique consulting firm focusing on female entrepreneurship, solely coaching women-led businesses from home decor and real estate to fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

Since her move to Paris in 2020, she has since broadened her love of sensory work into retail-specific marketing and creative consulting, thus collaborating with such brands as Bioderma, Monique L'huillier, Nespresso, and Nike.

With studies in Fashion from both Ryerson University in Toronto and the London School of Fashion, including a Diplôme d’Apprenti Parfumeur from L’atelier de Creation Olfactive Fragonard, Danielle brings a stylish perspective into each brand story in tandem to her sensory research in Paris - culinary arts, perfume, wine and culture that continue to influence and inspire her formidable passion in sensory brand elevation.

Danielle Barich

{ Canadian  } Bilingual

Living in Paris, France

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Danielle Barich

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elevating brands and businesses through sensory exploration

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